Rupert is a talented photographic artist with a true eye for a strong image.  His approach to capturing life as he sees it involves allowing a scene to naturally unfold before and him without intervention, capture the most honest and authentic view he can.  Whether that's a subtle interaction between two people, a unique patch of light falling on an object, or just something that strikes a chord at the time, his imagery is natural and totally un-posed.  

Growing up in Gloucestershire, UK, and taking to photography at an early age, Rupert was fascinated in the way a camera could freeze time and record something in an instant, never to be seen again, except in the image kept.  With a grounding in film in his 'early days', and a desire to get things as close as possible in camera suits his desire to avoid over manipulating images now.  It is his feeling that in removing or moving, and overly adjusting what is captured blurs the line between photographic art and digital or composite art.